VIB Mission Statement

The members of Volunteers in Bhutan (VIB) recognise the value of volunteerism, its impact on the daily life of Bhutanese and its role in promoting a better quality of life in Bhutan. The members of VIB also use networking to strengthen and promote volunteerism in all of its diverse forms within Bhutan.

VIB members are keenly aware of the role volunteerism plays in Bhutan and are committed to strengthening that role through strategies, advocacy, recognition, participation and action. 

Advocacy: VIB seeks to build upon the Bhutanese tradition of volunteerism by raising awareness of its role in present day Bhutan, and promoting volunteerism in Bhutan’s development.

Recognition: VIB organises International Volunteer Day each 5th December in order to celebrate, recognise and publicise the efforts and achievements of individual volunteers and volunteer organisations including the traditional forms of volunteers in Bhutan

Participation: VIB uses a participatory approach to social service in order to create an environment in which volunteers and volunteer organisations can actively contribute their time and effort to enhance the lives of individuals and organisations within Bhutan.

Action: VIB encourages and shares its voluntary activities and achievements nationwide, as one means of achieving the national goal of Gross National Happiness (GNH).

 Partners/Volunteers: VIB promotes inclusiveness and operates without prejudice towards gender, race, age, wealth, class, religion, language, political persuasion or any other form of discrimination.


VIB Activity 2007

HRH Ashi Sonam Dechan Wangchuck, as a Chief Guest, will be graciously inaugurating the occasion with us.

International Volunteer Day will be celebrated on 2nd December (Sunday) 2007 at the Clock Tower. Official forum starts at 10:00 a.m. and opens to public at around noon. The program includes cultural show and exhibition amongst others.

All are cordially invited.

 1. Did you help anyone? When?/How?

 2. How did you feel when you help someone?

 3. What differences do you think such practices can make?

        These are questions for the targeted school/college students to draw out their views.

        Submitted forms will be displayed during the celebration of International Volunteer Day event in December.


Bhutan has a rich tradition of volunteerism - whether it’s neighbours getting together to help cultivate a field for a sick neighbour, or teenagers gathering to clean up a village area, or, in the more modern environment, a child helping an elderly woman cross a busy road… Volunteerism in Bhutan is very much a part of the culture, and should be recognised as such.

It is in the light of the strong spirit of volunteerism found in the country, that this website has been developed. Its aims are:

to encourage more people to volunteer their time

to give a voice to those who are volunteering

to help those wishing to volunteer to identify where they can help

to enable due recognition to be given to those who put the basic needs of others above the luxury needs of themselves.





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